10 ways to up the fitness factor


Motivation taking a dip? It’s time to put the fun back into your workout

Go online

OK, so sacking off the gym membership to save money is a great option for your finances, but how can you spruce up your at-home workouts? Lots of great fitness brands are now taking their classes online, with everything from yoga to ballet barre just a click away. Some of our favourites are Fitness Blender, Barrecore and YogaGlo. Log on to find a world of fitness at your fingertips.

Have a party

Surely there’s no better way to make fitness fun than to take your workouts to the disco, right? And with party workouts cropping up across the country, you’d be mad not to try it. We particularly like the look of Ravercise and Fitness Freak raves!

Get ’appy

If you’re lacking that bit of oomph to get started, downloading a new fitness app can be a great way to help you set and achieve goals. ‘Apps can help motivate you with shout-outs from friends via social media or help distract you from the monotony or pain of a workout,’ says personal trainer Mollie Millington (ptmollie.com). Our favourite? The Nike Training Club app.

Be a good sport

Learning something new is a great way to distract you from the panting and puffing of a workout. ‘You will be challenging your body in new ways, so should see and feel a difference in no time,’ says Mollie. ‘It is also a great way to build confidence in new skills and meet new people.’ Plus, while weight loss is a great goal, doing well in a new sport or having a laugh while you work out can be a better way to inspire you to exercise than waiting for the pounds to drop off.

Spin some tunes

According to findings presented at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference, listening to your fave music can improve your performance and boost your enjoyment of sport and exercise. So, why not spend a lazy Saturday morning compiling a fun workout playlist!

Join the gang

Training with other people is a great way to up the fun factor. ‘Small group settings give you more attention and value for your money,’ says Mollie. ‘You can probably have sessions more tailored to your interests, abilities and goals, too. And if you can arrange sessions with friends, that’s even better as you can commiserate and celebrate together.’ Book a group sesh now!

Take on a challenge

A good goal is a sure-fire way to reignite your passion for training. Set yourself a goal that is tough, but not so hard that you’ll work yourself into the ground to get there – a mucky obstacle race is a great option!

Go old school

Take a trip down memory lane and have a giggle at the same time with old-school workouts like hula hooping, rollerblading or trampolining. No-one can deny the heady enjoyment of attempting to swing giant plastic hoops around your body!

Train somewhere new

Take yourself away from it all and treat yourself to a week of fitness to give your regime a boost. ‘One of my clients just returned from a bootcamp and is lifting weights at home now,’ says Mollie. ‘The intensity of a bootcamp or fitness holiday might be the kick-start your body needs.’ Check out our Swiss fitness adventure, on page 24, for some inspiration.

Get competitive

Being competitive gets a bit of a bad rap, but it can be one of the best ways to motivate yourself. Find a way to add a competitive edge to your workouts, whether it’s wearing a fitness band and comparing your ‘steps’ or throwing in a press-up competition with your gym buddies.