Say hello to your new running buddy


We’ve found our favourite new running buddy, the Running Buddy Pouch!

Struggling to find a place to stash your stuff while pounding the pavements? We’ve found the perfect place to tuck your essentials while on the go and it’s fast becoming our fave new running buddy.

Perfect for the gym, cycling, walking and running, the award-winning Running Buddy Pouch is versatile and great for all your outdoor and workout needs. It comes in two sizes: the XL is water resistant and includes a side zip so you can easily run with your headphones from the pouch; while the mini is perfect for your keys and cash.

Strong magnets mean you don’t have to worry about losing your pouch either, nor have the hassle of it getting in the way mid-run. This trusty companion will remain in place no matter what exercise you‘re doing; simpy grab, attach and go. A true running game-changer – we love it!