Polar Loop Activity Tracker


A personal trainer every hour of the day, on your wrist!

If you want your New Year’s resolution of being a healthier, fitter you to continue right through the year, this nifty little device might just help give you the extra encouragement you need! The activity tracker from Polar can be your answer to a full-time personal trainer.

It’s technology keeps track of your activity all day long, breaking it down into five different intensity levels – resting, sitting, low, medium and high activity. For many of us office jobs mean remaining seated for a large chunk of the day – not the best of things for your health. To combat this the Loop can be used to send reminders to your phone of when you’ve been inactive for a while. Just the encouragement we need to get moving!

It’s low, medium and high activity levels allow the Loop to distinguish between a stroll, jogging and sprinting, making it really efficient in keeping track of your calorie burning. It’s also completely waterproof, so if you’re a swimmer you can monitor the power of your strokes.

Setting daily goals can make it easier to keep you’re fitness on track. If you input these goals into your Loop it can send you reminders of what more needs to be done to smash those targets. You can even break down goals for different paces of exercise – 60 minutes walking, 20 minutes running and so on.

Keep you’re activity tracker on even when you want to switch off and see if it’s restful or restless sleep you’re getting each night. If you want to go that extra mile in listening to what your body is telling you try attaching the Polar H7 heart rate monitor to your chest.

You can easily review your weekly or monthly progress by linking your device to the Polar Flow app or website. Take your pick from the three pretty shades: Misty Blue, Blackcurrant and Smoky Black.

Polar Loop: £84.50 RRP polar.com