Skate your way fit


Fed up of your usual gym routine? Slip on a pair of skates to glide your way to a fabulous figure

Inspired by the toned and hones bodies on the latest series of ITV’sDancing on Ice? Head to your local rink for an action-packed workout that will get your heart racing and challenge every muscle in your body.

While you may not be throwing yourself straight into the more complex twists and turns, even a few leisurely laps around the rink can push your body in lots of new ways. As your confidence builds you can work up to developing some of the more advanced skills. And the best part? It’s great fun!

Sure, you may get a few bumps and bruises along the way, but that will only make it even more satisfying when you finally pull off that triple twist! Grab a few mates and drag them with you for a really fun fitness session.

As far as kit is concerned, if you’re really keen it’s worth investing in your own ice skates. But to start with, it’s easy enough to hire a pair from the rink. Rug up in long sleeves to stay warm on the ice and you’re done – skin-tight, sparkly lycra strictly optional!