Get fit with netball


If you want to get fit and have fun, taking up a new sport could be the solution. We chat to England Netball player Sasha Corbin to find out why netball holds the answer to your fitness dilemmas

Let’s face it, when motivation is low, the idea of hanging with your friends trumps a workout every time. So why not combine the two? Team sports are great tools for keeping you focused and committed to your fitness and if you make friends and get involved in the social side of the sport, you’re more likely to play regularly.

Why netball?
Sports such as hockey and football are great for getting you fit, so why does netball stand out from the crowd? It hits all the right components of fitness, like endurance, speed and agility, without you even realising,’ says Sasha. ‘It’s a team sport, you’re never alone and you learn from one another. Netball’s also great for cardio, and it gives your body a pretty good workout.’

Haven’t played since school?
Aside from all the fitness benefits, for many of us, netball also has a nostalgia factor. We all remember braving the grim British weather in unflattering gym skirts to master the basic skills in weekly PE lessons, and part of us wants to see if we can still do it!

Well, there’s good news! Back to Netball run weekly sessions all over the country for those of us keen to relive our days as speedy centres or ferocious wing attacks and it costs as little as £3.

What do you need to wear?
You don’t need any special kit for netball. The key thing is to wear comfortable clothing and a good pair of trainers. Here’s our pick of the best netball gear out there.

A simple, lightweight T-shirt which will wick away sweat from the body is best for netball. Try the bold pink Nike running shirt. It’s super comfy, with a really flattering fit.

Netball is traditionally played in skirts, so a ‘skapri’ is perfect. It’s a skirt with capri pants built in to keep you warm even when the weather’s misbehaving. Check out the Nike skapri

Sports bra
Sasha wears a Freya Active sports bra. ‘It’s so supportive. Netball is a very physical and fast-paced sport. As we are jumping, throwing and running, our bodies are put through their paces, so a sports bra really does make a difference by reducing bounce and keeping us supported and cool.’

Hair band
Keep you hair out of your face when you go for that all-important shot or grappling for the ball. Try Sweaty Betty’s cute plaited headband.

Sasha’s favourite are Asics. ‘I like any Asics trainers, but I wear the netball specific Gel-Netburner Professional 7, which has grip and provides bounce.’

Freya Active is the official sports bra supplier to the England Netball Squad.