Stay fit and healthy as you age


Brits are at their fittest in their thirties, according to a recent fitness study carried out by The Gym Group, (

Adults in their mid to late thirties are more likely to exerciseregularly, be members of gyms and sport clubs and eat a healthier diet than 20-somethings. A quarter of those polled said that having children had a big impact on their fitness levels and more than one in 10 started leading a more active lifestyle once they knew they were having children.

Thirty year olds also said that they were at their least fit at the age of 29 due to eating too much junk food and consuming too much alcohol. Half of adults aged 30-39 now rate themselves as fit and spend more time exercising than people in their twenties.

The study found that adults in their thirties, forties and fifties all agreed that they burned the candle at both ends in their twenties, and a third of 50-something’s still rate themselves as healthy. By comparison, 15 per cent of people aged 18-29 declared themselves unhealthy.

More than half of all age groups said they felt ‘OK’ with their current weight – although they would like to lose a few pounds.

Those in their twenties were the least likely to eat enough fruit and vegetables and more likely to eat takeaways and snack, whilst those in their forties were the biggest smokers and heaviest drinkers!