1by Ashley Petroskey

Eyebrows are a crucial feature on a woman’s face; they frame the face and, when shaped well, they have the power to change a person’s overall appearance. The demand for brow services has increased significantly over the last few years. Women are now getting brows waxed, tinted or threaded, depending on their personal preference. The goal is balance and symmetry in brows.

Currently, the trend is a more full and exotic looking brow. For those not blessed with thickness, having the right shape is key and properly using makeup to add depth and fill in the gaps is also important.

In order to get the perfect shape, there are some key measurements to take for proper positioning. Take a pencil or string and align it in the following places to determine where the front, arch and tail of your brow should be placed:



Visualize your brow before you start. The front of the brow should align with the outer corner of your nostril.


If there is an arch in your brow, it should align from the edge of your nostril through your pupil, roughly three quarters-back from the beginning of the brow. It’s important to not over pluck at this point, fullness is essential to a well-groomed eyebrow. Try to keep with the natural shape of the brows.


From the arch, the tail should taper off and follow the angle of the eye. The end of the brow should connect the edge of the nostril to the eye corner. It’s helpful to resort back to the utensil you first used to measure and make sure the brow ends in proper alignment.

Unless you are a professional, it’s best to only pluck and groom below the brows. If you try to do above the brow and mistakenly take too much off, it can affect the brow arch. Be sure to step back and analyze the work you’ve already done throughout the process. When you zero in on the brows too much, you can lose perspective and mistake the intended shape of the brow.

Once you’ve finished measuring the brows, a little makeup can help finish the eyebrow. Most women find they need to add pigment in the area between the front-end and inner arch. It’s best to consult with a professional makeup artist for this piece, as it’s important to use the right amount of pigment to give the most natural finished look.

Generally speaking there are three key brow shapes: low arch, subtle angular, and high arch. As a broad rule of thumb, read below for what type of brow meshes the best with common face shapes:

Long or heart-shaped face: Offset your lengthy face structure with a bolder, bushier, straighter brow.

Round face: The key with this face structure is to not over-arch the brow or you can make the face look more circular. Instead, create a more angular appearance by adding a soft point in the middle, not a sharp arch.

Square face: The goal with this face structure is to soften the look by creating curves in the brows. Only pluck from beneath the brow to encourage a more pronounced arch directly above the iris.

Brows are huge – both literally and metaphorically. If you’re seeking a brand new shape, visit a professional to get the right look, and maintain the shape from there with a comfortable mix of appointments and at-home care. It’s worth the investment; well-groomed eyebrow frames the entire face!